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Microsoft's solution to Web Hosting, Windows, is becoming popular with Web developers with its powerful ASP and ASP.NET programming environments. It also integrates well with .NET server technologies such as SQL Server 2000, Commerce Server 2002 and BizTalk Server 2002.

Recent advances in Windows Server technology and the release of the Windows 2003 Server provides what is now arguably the highest performance server environment.

It provides exceptional support for the developer community and has a single vendor (Microsoft) commitment to its ongoing development.

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Dynamically driven web sites require some sort of databases. Beyond sites employing databases, most frequently you will encounter MySQL or MSSQL. If your web site is relying on mySQL, then you’ll have no problems hosting it on either Windows or Linux. For MS SQL databases, look your only option is Windows. We also have PostGre SQL databases if you need them.


Linux web hosting is cheaper. The three main reasons are in licensing costs, that are lower that for Windows, Linux servers are more reliable and easier to administer and in the ability of Linux web servers to support a higher web sites per server ratio without compromising the quality of service.

  Budget Plan
  150MB space, 1GBtraffic, 2 PoP3   email addresses, and much more...
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  Value Plan
  250MB space, 2GB traffic, 5 PoP3   email addresses, and much more...
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  Professional Plan
  750MB space, 4GBtraffic, 10   PoP3 email addresses, and much   more...
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  Premium Plan
  1000MB space, 7GB traffic, 25   PoP3 email addresses, and much   more...

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  Platinum Plan
  20000MB space, 8GB traffic, 50   POP3 email addresses, and much   more...